Jerry & Judy visit the Bonnie & Clyde Site

On August 8, 2006, on our periodic junket to Barksdale AFB for shopping, we decided to go 40 miles farther into Louisiana and visit the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum at Gibsland, LA.

The museum curator is a retired lawman himself and is also the son of one of the 6 lawmen who took part in the ambush. He added some very interesting insights to the event and described the movie as about 10% accurate.

We were only allowed to photograph the movie car inside the museum. The actual vehicle they died in is on display protected behind a glass enclosure at a night club/casino at some other location. Will give more details when I know them.

After visiting the museum, which occupies the exact location of the cafe where Bonnie & Clyde bought sandwiches on that final day, we headed 8 miles south to the actual ambush site. Once there, I took a few stills of the marker and site and shot a short video.

Broadband users may view the video taken at the ambush site: bonnieclyde.mpg - 24 Mb file.

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